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You alone can make my song take flight
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26th-Aug-2012 07:37 pm - FML.
  At first, it started as just some talk that might not even happen. But now there's someone checking out the house to put it up for sale. And possibly this year!!! There goes All-State :/ I wanted so badly to move but why is it now that I feel so sad? :o I haven't even told anyone. Ugh. Is there really no one I can open up to anymore? Dammit Manda. -.- Why do I even still have you on facebook anyway? That really goes to show that "friends" onf acebook really aren't friends. But anyways... I really wanted to make it to State this year!! And what about my education?? I signed up for Dual Enrollment! Dammit, I hate this. Oh crap it's 7:33 and school's tomorrow. It doesn't even feel like it is! Hm.. what should I wear... How should I do my hair?!?!?! I chopped off a huge ammount of hair on my bangs just 2 days ago. I was hoping it would grow atleast a little bit but it didn't happen. >:( I need to stop thinking I'm a freaking hairstylist. Dammit, why'd I have to cut it without a mirror? I cut it right at the middle. RIGHT AT THE FREAKING MIDDLE OF MY BANGS. I guess I'll just have to stick to it for atleast a month. Just a month dammit. </3
2nd-Aug-2012 01:40 am(no subject)
HOLY------SHIT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! I loved that! They're always so nice and respectful on camera. It's nice to see them go crazy once in a while. THAT'S RIGHT. GO TO HELL SM!

1st-Aug-2012 03:11 pm(no subject)
One and two and three and four and!(2x)
IL!cholado anboimyeon
I! ireohke chojuhande 
SAM! samchoneun eoddeohke kidaryeo~ 
iya~ iya~ iya~ iya~
SA! saranghae~ nol saranghae~ (4! I love you~ I love you~)
O! oneureun  malhalkoya (5! I'm going to tell you today)
YU! 60eok jigueseo nal manan geon
saranghae~ saranghae~
yogijogi han nun palji malgo nareul bwa~
nareul hyanghae utneun miso maeil maeil boyeojwo~
PAL! palddak palddak ddwineun gaseum~
guhaejwo~ o nae maeum~
ship! shipnyeon kado neoreul saranghae~
eonjena i mam byeonchi anheurke~~~

I can read it but I can barely understand it xD

31st-Jul-2012 07:04 pm(no subject)
D'awww i miss seeing this cute side of them! That's it! No more emoness about their whole separation situation! I just wanna enjoy watching them with a smile now :)

31st-Jul-2012 04:25 pm(no subject)
I'm just nodding my head furiously while crying "I DO, I DO. I WILL LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!" LOL man... these three have gotten me lovestruck all over again! I don't know how or why I even fell out of love with them in the first place. Ahh.. I love them so much... :') AND OHHHH MY GOD JaeJoong's "Hehee" in the end... why don't you just KILL. ME. NOW. JaeJoong??? *dies in jaejoong heaven*

21st-Jul-2012 11:53 pm(no subject)
Feeling very reminiscent looking through old pictures. There were so many memories I had forgotten. A picture really is worth a thousand words. :')

Now that I think about it, Max kinda was a little ugly. x)


7th-Jul-2012 01:24 am - 30-Day Picture Challenge: Day 1

1. My mother tongue is Visaya.
My first out of 3 languages (+4 more learning in process).
2. I know how to read and write Korean.
Although I don't understand much of what I'm reading... I'm still in the learning process!
3. I have split personalities: The party and the loner in me.
I am as talkative as ever when out with friends or in school but as soon as I go home, it's just me and my tv. <3
4. I am a couch potato.
I can literally stay all day with my xbox, netbook, or TV and never get bored!
5. I am terrified of stuffed animals.
I had a dream once that my favorite huge Minnie Mouse stuffed animal went to life and shanked me in my sleep. So yes, I am pretty scarred.
6. I love to sing.
Major choir freak. But shh, don't tell!
16th-Aug-2011 09:13 am - Same unproductive day... :/
 Same unproductive day as always... Maybe I shouldn't have quit color guard...
Dammit. It's just like me to regret everything any anything. I need to quit this habit. And speaking of quitting, I should really quit liking Asian things. It's damaging to my social life. x___x
Whatever.. my conscience will pass and I'll probably never be able to give up my dramas. Once you go black you'll never go back!!~ LOL. Meaning to say my dramas are my drugs. I'm addicted and I just can't get enough. C;
21st-May-2011 01:52 am(no subject)
 Sleepover at mandas!! or more like wakeover e__o she's making me coffee right now. we're planning on staying awake xD
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